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    Card games have always been highly popular and every nation in the world has their own version of a card game. A card game is played by two or more players by trading cards with different face values. Each card has a different number or symbol and has a higher or lower value than the rest of the cards in a pack. The typical card game has a pack of 52 cards with a ‘king’, ‘queen’, ‘joker’ and ‘ace’ for every set of 13 cards. These kinds of card games are also used in gambling and in casinos to stake money. However, card games are rarely seen outside of casinos these days, with the digital age kids spending most of their free time on virtual games. This is where Hearthstone came in and revived the glory of the card game era with their card-based gaming strategy. Now there are also numerous Hearthstone hacks and cheats available online for avid gamers.

    This game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, with the interface being designed by Derek Sakamoto. Hearthstone can be played on Microsoft windows, I pad, I phones and was recently launched for android phones and tablets. This game is the online version of the collectible cards that we used to cherish as kids and have one-on-one with our friends in school trading the more powerful ones with each other. However, Hearthstone does not support trading of the digital cards, though we may expect Blizzard to introduce trading in future versions of this highly interesting real time multi-player card game. The original set of cards in this game has 30 cards, which increases with ‘adventures’ and ‘expansions’. Unwanted cards can be discarded with ‘arcane dust’. Arcane dust is equivalent to gold or money in the world of ‘Hearthstone’.

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    With the latest apps for hacking Hearthstone, you can now get hold of unlimited ‘arcane dust’ to win against opponents when you play in the battle mode or even in single player mode. As we know already, arcane dust is as important in the world of Hearthstone as money in the real world. Therefore, arcane dust does not come easy. You need to win games and collect points to get supplies of arcane dust. However, with the development of the hearthstone hack, now you can get unlimited arcane dust without spending too much time on the game.

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    Hearthstone cheats are not as difficult as you might think they are. There are many simple Hearthstone cheats that you can apply to play and win this addictive online card game. Some of the popular ones are:

    1. Getting acquainted with passive abilities that some of the cards possess. These include keywords like taunt, battlecry, divine shield and combo. These are important and can shield you from opponent attacks.

    2. When you get hold of Lord Jaraxxus do not let go! Lord Jaraxxus is one of the most critical cards in Hearthstone and can help you win battles.

    3. Always build themed decks while playing this game of cards.

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